DAY - Inquiring Within - 200 Hours Teacher Training Program

Dedicated to the study, teaching and practice of yoga

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Daytona Anahata Yoga  200Hrs Certified Teacher Training Program “Inquiring Within” emphasizing on the therapeutic benefits of the yoga practice and deepening an understanding and practice of Hatha Yoga.

Yoga's increasing popularity brings with it the need for instructors confident and qualified to bring forth its teachings in our communities. This comprehensive course of study is designed to help students and teachers systematically build knowledge and develop teaching skills. Students of this program may wish to simply deepen their own practice, or develop an understanding of the principles needed to lead safe, instructional, and inspirational classes. The program curriculum is designed to explore many of the traditional components of yoga, including the asanas, pranayama, meditation, the energetic body, and applied yogic philosophy.

Students will also be introduced to anatomy and principles of alignment adapting yoga postures to suit different needs. Teacher Training Runs in a 12 month program we meet once a month over a weekend , most complete curriculum standards available at the studio. To be part of our teacher training program must be a student at the studio.

This in-depth curriculum includes:
How to observe and understand your students' bodies
Principles of adjusting and modifying yoga postures
How to plan and sequence a yoga class
How to teach specialized classes like restoratives, prenatal, physically challenged, or classes for the elderly
Therapeutic uses of yoga
The history of yoga philosophy, its foundations, and how yoga philosophy can inspire your teaching
Ethical guidelines for teaching and lifestyle
Guidelines for the business of yoga
Nutrition for healthier living

Unlimited Yoga classes
Non-contact hours include home study, practice, class room observations and assisting with the faculty, and teaching hours.

To become an effective teacher, we most first experience being the student. Daytona Anahata  Yoga  200 Hour Teacher Certification Program is designed for the students of yoga who is now ready to deepen their own practice while learning to teach.
The goal of this program is to help you learn to teach safe and effective yoga classes. You will also learn to deepen your own practice leading to a healthier body, a clearer mind and a greater sense of peace and joy in your life, you can begin at any studies in the course of 12 month. Each monthly studies are available for CEU's with Yoga Alliance.

Your  Teacher Training Journey awaits!

Studies schedule below

July 2018 - 20,21,22 - Study 1

August 2018 - 24,25,26 - Study 2

September 2018 - 27,28,29 - Study 3

October 2018 - 26,27,28- Study 4

November 2017 - 17,18,19 - Study 5

December 2017- 8,9,10 - Study 6

January 2018 - 19,20,21- Study 7

February 2018 - 16,17,18 Study 8

March 2018 - 23,24,25 Study 9

April 2018 - 20,21,22 Study 10

May 2018 - 18,19,20 Study 11

June 2018 - 22,23,24 Study 12

The schedule for all monthly weekends:
                Friday, 6:00PM - 8:00PM
                Saturday, 9:00AM - 4:00PM – 1 hour lunch
                Sunday, 9:00AM - 4:30PM – 1 hour lunch

The schedule for the finals weekend is:
                Friday, 6:00PM - 8:00PM
                Saturday, 9:00AM - 4:00PM – 1 hour lunch
16 Assisting hours at the studio - Observing 5 yoga classes in the community and writing observations.

Written report and presentation.
Students accepted into the program are expected to follow rules and regulation of the curriculum and contract, for more information about contract please Email Soraya Sanchez at

Cost $200 a month for 12 month

Includes monthly study manual cost of $35 

Required Books  upon registration .

Monthly Studies are available with request for CEU'S

Weekend Study Course for CEU's $260 includes Study Package and must registered with Yoga Alliance Daytona Anahata Yoga - Soraya Sanchez E-RYT 500 on Study  Schedule .