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Guidelines for Yoga Students
The following guidance and reminders may help enhance your yoga experience at Daytona Anahata Yoga
Wear clothing you can move easily in to baggy clothes and dark colors are no suitable for class, as they obscure your instructor's  ability to check your alignment for safety  in the postured (asanas)
Remove your shoes
Yoga is practiced in bare feet!
Before placing your yoga mat down remove your shoes place them in cubbies with any personal belongs.
Turn off all cell phones. It's healthy to be out of touch for a while.
Practice on an empty stomach. We recommend that you do not eat at least 1 hour before a class. If a special condition exists, easily digested foods like yogurt or fruit, at least 1 hour before class.
Alert your instructur to any physical problem or medical condition
Arrive a few minutes early
Rushing in late disturbs your nervous system and compromises your experience. It also may disturb your fellow classmate. We understand busy schedules,
please call the studio to notified your arrival doors lock during class.
Yoga is non-competitive, so abandon your competitive mind set.
Yoga is not a "work out" It's a discipline which just happens to make the body stronger, more flexible, and healthier. The true goal of yoga is to calm the mind, open the heart, and progress us along our spiritual paths.
Be kind and loving to yourself by accepting yourself as you are.
It's okay to begin yoga at any time in your life. No experience is required.

Benefits of Yoga
Yoga is beneficial for:
- Maintaining general health and well-being
- Physical conditioning
-Mobility (simply moving one's body through space)
-Boosting the immune system
-Chronic disorders
-Coronary artery disease
-Pulmonary conditions
-Cancer (improving quality of life)
Yoga is useful for reducing:
-Blood pressure
-Tension throughout the body
-Lower back pain/any back problem
-Amount of medication (example: asthma)
-Employee absenteeism lol
Yoga is:
-An excellent modality for a number of people who might be somewhat physical limited
-An adjunct in sports medicine rehabilitation
-Physical therapy for somebody who has undergone some kind of physical trauma where they need to stretch and relax their muscles, to regain mobility.
-A form of meditative exercise and a perspective on living that helps individuals become centered and better able to determine their life path.
-A quest for self knowledge.
Yoga is a way:
-To transcend ordinary consciousness (for spiritual growth)
-To squeeze toxins out through the lymphatic system, aiding cellular renewal
-To tap the energy sources and release negative energies... especially beneficial for people who want to control everything
-To be happy with what happens, that's the spirit of yoga, you're always at home.

Information for the students!

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