General Private Classes Descriptions 

Class Runs from 1/2 hour, 1-hour more...
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Small groups private settings lessons are also available for offices, gyms or privates homes call for information

Benefits of Private Yoga Lessons
Traditional instruction in yoga was passed from teacher to student.
Customizing yoga to meet individual needs, Physical, Emotional, Spiritual, with Private Instruction you will receive all this benefits, customized yoga lessons for yourself or with friends, co-workers, or family members.

Privates Lessons save time by coordinating with your schedule, meeting individuals unique needs, giving you the opportunity on package sessions (weekly, monthly, seasonal) for more information call or email.

Daytona Anahata Yoga

Anahata  Yoga / Anahata Flow this is the only class that plays music & don't use any props "Vinyasa or Power Flow Style"

With the awareness of mindful movements this class is a combination of flow and alignment based yoga. Stretches, strengthens, and soothes your spine opening and connecting with your heart.

This class incorporates a combination of strengthening postures that engage the back and core muscles with stretching and relaxation postures that reduce tension and stress. Improve your posture, balance and body alignment by improving the health of your spine focusing on the Heart Center Energy, self- love, breath, healing, balance. This class may incorporate partnering assistance It is taught by teacher inspiration and self knowledge .

Beyond Fundamental!

S.U.P Yoga & Meditation
This class offers an enjoyable and relaxing time on flat water, with a destination where we will have a short guided meditation.

 This is offered to private groups or visit schedule for this class. No SUP experience required, includes basic stand up paddle board instruction and all equipment needed.  90 minute class
S.U.P Yoga
Take Your Practice to another Level!
Following Alignment Base Yoga your SUP Yoga experience will exceed your expectations.  This is open to all levels.  

No SUP experience required, class includes basic stand up paddle board instruction, and all equipment needed  90 minute class

Class Descriptions!

We offer a diverse range of classes - Monday - Friday Weekend Retreats and special events workshop, kids yoga, prenatal yoga . SUP (Stand Up Paddleboard) Yoga  and Certified Yoga Teacher Training

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Something unique about our studio is the used of props to deepen your practice!

Alignment Level 1 - (Beyond Fundamental)

This class is a perfect choice for students new to yoga or students looking to build a stronger foundation in their practice. Exploring the fundamentals of yoga asanas (Poses) Beginners poses are challenging and rewarding! this class focuses on the classical standing poses, seated poses, inversion and relaxation poses. 

Students age 10 and up are welcome to this class.

Alignment Level 2 -

A firm foundation in all the postures (Asanas) at the previous level are required . Asanas are hold for longer periods of time working on a deeper understanding of yoga asanas anatomically  and energetically, this class used of sanskrit words in asanas and actions . 

SUP Yoga (Stand Up Paddle board)